Main Divide Riesling Reviews

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“Main Divide Riesling is my top pick for wine by the glass.  Crisp, fresh and steely with delicious fruit and a touch of spice.  It's a definite winner!”  - Sue Courtney, Foodservices Magazine, NZ


“Every year this top Riesling lives up to the name it’s been honoured.”  - Joelle Thomson, The NZ Herald


“Every year this wine is a consistent performer.”   - Glenda O’Neil ,



  “A delightful and charming Riesling … It's refreshing and very tasty with a lingering crisp dry finish. …makes a perfect aperitif.”  - Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, NZ


“…this juicy white consistently surprises every riesling lover with its wow factor flavours of lemons, limes and freshly picked apples.”  - Joelle Thomson, NZ


“Main Divide Waipara Valley Riesling 2009 has everything I love about Rieslingin a just off dry style – bright and tangy, juicy and refreshing, perfect balance of sweetness to acidity so everything tastes just right …”
- Sue Courtney ,


“Every year this wine is a consistent performer. Intense aroma of honey, figs and spice, juicy and luscious citrus flavours with a long sweet finish, medium style with impeccable balance.”  - Glenda O’Neil, 

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